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Bishop Council Nedd Presents Sacred Fire of Liberty Awards to Deserving Congressmen

Bishop Council Nedd II recently visited Capitol Hill to present In God We Trust’s most prestigious honor, the Sacred Fire of Liberty Award, to two Members of Congress who have proven to be true men of God.

“Congressmen Jeff Duncan (R-SC-3) and Bill Johnson (R-OH-6) have proven without a doubt to be true soldiers of God on Capitol Hill,” states Bishop Council Nedd II.  “Both men are proud cosponsors of H.R. 148, the Pray in Jesus Name Act, and continue to fight for religious freedom in America,” continued Nedd.  “It was an honor to present the Sacred Fire of Liberty Award to Congressmen Duncan and Johnson, and we look forward to a long working relationship with both during the 115th Congress and beyond.”

We would like to encourage all members and supporters of In God We Trust to call your elected officials, whether newly elected or longtime Members of Congress, and demand that they join the fight to protect our military chaplains from constant attacks by the military for simply praying as their conscience dictates.  Please do your part by calling 202-224-3121 and voicing your opinion.  

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Bishop Nedd