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The Rt. Rev. Council Nedd II serves as the National Chairman and spokesman of in God We Trust.  Bishop Nedd brings a wealth of experience to the post, having served in numerous senior positions on Capitol Hill including time as a congressional investigator for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee and as a senior legislative aide to to three U.S. Congressmen.

Before entering full-time ministry, Bishop Nedd has worked in the health care industry as a federal and state lobbyist and as a grassroots organizer and political consultant for a number of non-profit advocacy organizations. An ordained Anglican priest, Bishop Nedd,  serves as the ordinary for the Diocese of the Chesapeake and Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Missionary Church.  Has long been involved with clergy from a number of denominations, assisting them in setting up outreach and education programs in specialized communities.

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Bishop Nedd