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Nedd Heads to Capitol Hill to Defend Military Chaplains

Bishop Nedd and Rep. Joe Wilson In an effort to force a vote on House Resolution 268, the Chaplain’s Freedom Bill, In God We Trust’s National Chairman Bishop Council Nedd is working Capitol Hill.

Nedd is meeting with key members of Congress including Representative Walter Jones, the sponsor of H.R. 268 in order to plot strategy and secure votes for this critical bill.

House Resolution 268 will ensure that every military chaplain has the prerogative to close a prayer outside of a religious service according to the dictates of the chaplain’s own conscience.  Currently, military chaplains are banned from praying in the name of Jesus Christ unless they are officiating a religious service of their own particular religious denomination.

“It is ridiculous that an army chaplain cannot pray with his soldiers on the battlefield and invoke the name of Jesus Christ,” says Nedd.  “That is what I will be telling these Congressmen when I go up to the Hill.”

In addition to meeting with Congressman Jones, Nedd also hast met with Representative Joe Wilson who serves as the ranking Republican on the subcommittee that has purview over the bill.

Wilson recently became a household name for his outburst during President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress about health care reform.

“I hope to get Congressman Wilson on board with this bill,” Nedd says.  “This is an important piece of legislation and his support is important.”

Over the last several months more and more Members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors of H.R. 268.

Additionally, enthusiasm for the bill among In God We Trust’s supporters is also very, very high.

“Of all the issues I have worked on this year, the Chaplain’s Freedom Bill has generated the greatest response from grassroots supporters,” says Nedd.  “Already we have thousands and thousands of petitions that are being delivered to Congress in support of this bill and I know we will get even more.”

In God We Trust just recently began a large-scale online campaign to generate public support for this bill in addition to its national direct mail petition effort begun last spring.     “George Washington formed the Chaplain’s Corps during the revolution,” explains Nedd.  “He even ordered his troops to attend religious services.  I’m sure he would be shocked and dismayed that the American government was trying to keep military chaplains from doing their jobs.”

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