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July 31, 2015

Valued supporters of In God We Trust:  This is, yet, another opportunity to applaud your continued backing of our cause to promote religious freedom in our country.  Congressman Walter Jones is preparing to promote the Pray In Jesus Name Act of 2015.  What does he need from us - cosponsors.  Cosponsors lend backbone and strength to the legislation that In God We Trust truly needs to advance this piece of legislation.  This backbone takes the form of signed petitions and, if you are able, donations.  This is a fight that we can win!

July 30, 2015

August is traditionally the month of Congressional recess.  Congress takes a break, but we never do. We are continually collecting your signed petitions and are counting your yes votes for H.R. 148.  Bishop Nedd is gearing up for a strong Congressional battle come September.  Here is what I would say to you:  our weapon is words, or more precisely, your support in the form of signed petitions and completed surveys.  Our thanks to all of our generous backers.

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